Soft Tissue Therapy

What is Soft Tissue Therapy?

In simple terms, Soft Tissue Therapy is remedial massage - plus so much more! It is a targeted, hands on clinical massage treatment that can get you out of many kinds of painful episodes.

‘Soft tissue’ refers to the type of structures targeted during a treatment.

  • Muscles, tendon and ligaments,
  • Fascia
  • Nerves

Soft tissue therapy borrows elements of of remedial massage, structural bodywork and injury rehabilitation to form an extremely effective form of bodywork.

How is Soft Tissue Therapy Different to massage?

The term massage is often used in very broad terms and this can be confusing to the client when they are looking for treatment. There are many styles of massage including relaxation and holistic to more deeper treatments such as remedial or sports massage.

Whilst soft tissue therapy borrows some of the techniques from sports and remedial massage it also a number of it's own techniques  to form part of the treatment.

How Does a Soft Tissue Therapy Treatment Differ From Massage?

The main difference between soft tissue therapy and massage is the the types of techniques used and the style of the treatment. Where as a massage treatment will often involve long broad strokes where the therapist uses a massage routine to release areas of tension, a soft tissue therapy treatment is a targeted treatment to the area of pain where the therapist performs a variety of advanced soft tissue techniques in order to reduce the clients presenting symptoms.

Soft tissue therapy is not performed in the same way as a massage but is a targeted treatment to reduce pain.


Quick Results in a Single Session

One of the major advantages of Soft tissue therapy is the treatment aims to make improvements to the clients condition within the first session. Clinically, improvements are seen in the vast majority of cases.

How Many Soft-Tissue Therapy Sessions are Needed? 

A major strength of Soft Tissue Therapy is its ability to make a difference instantly, often reducing pain levels in the first session.  Further treatments are aimed at continuing the improvement and a major improvement can usually occur within 3-4 treatments.

Many clients find Soft Tissue Therapy so beneficial that regular monthly sessions are booked.

When an area is released, prescribed rehabilitation exercises are given in order to stabilize the area.

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